Yes, you can!

Hey, Look, I made it into the September issue of Cosmopolitan.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Sadly that is not me on the cover! Not even close.
I’m here on the inside of the magazine:
They did this spread on how to do challenging things – by people who know how.
And by some miracle of modern nature I was asked to be one of the people who know how.
My little section was on how to get a book published.
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Some of my other fellow know-it-alls in the spread were Tiffany Prior, owner of Ice Models in Durbs, on how to walk in heels like a model.
Some advice I am desperately in need of.
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And the ever fabulous Malcolm Kluk on how to look chic always. But I’m afraid I think I need more than six steps to achieve this one, it seems way harder. I can at most manage one day a week in high heels and a dress, and then i revert to jeans and converse.

and yes, you guessed it, click to enlarge
And the last one was how to conquer fear, by Verna van Schaik, a Deep-diving-scuba-world-record breath holder.

Clicky click

So now, see, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Next week I’m going to go deep sea diving, while wearing high heels and a fabulous frock, and when I reach the bottom of the ocean I’m going to write a manuscript, which I shall get published.

Well, at least I’m going to try.

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  1. wow. i like it
    Most of all I like the name of your blog and the picture in the header is super duper awesome…

    too cool

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