Pics by Warren Rasmussen

I’m an author, Sunday Times columnist and advertising copywriter, and here you will find much random stuff and some smut.

My novels are fun, light reads

2010 – A Million Miles from Normal (Penguin South Africa)

2011 – This Way Up (Penguin South Africa)

I am also the ‘Paige’ in Helena S Paige a threesome of writers who have just brought out a series of Choose-your-own-adventure erotic novels, in 21 countries worldwide.

-A Girl Walks into a Bar/A Girl Walks into a Wedding/A Girl Walks into a Blind Date.

2014 – Pens Behaving Badly (Kwela Books) It’s a book of my Sunday Times Columns and the crazy letters they’ve inspired.

2015 – Death By Carbs (Bookstorm). Someone murders dieting guru Professor Tim Noakes, and there are so many supsects, Detective Bennie September doesn’t know where to start looking.

2016 – Dutch Courage (Penguin South Africa)/Like A Virgin (Harper Collins UK) – Set in a strip club in Amsterdam where all the strippers are celebrity impersonators.

2017 – Unpresidented (Bookstorm) set in the future, the president has just been released from prison early on medical parole for an ingrown toenail. He returns to a dilapidated Homestead with no friends, no money, and fewer wives than he started out with.

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  1. Plastic forks and Johnny walker..what a combination..
    I know it well.
    Keep writing …
    Have a blessed

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