WTF Friday

I have a folder on my desktop entitled ‘WTF’.

Because as I trawl the net on my daily travels I often come across things that are so strange that they defy reason. And I often just don’t know what to do with these things, so I drop them in this folder.
The only thing these images have in common is that they always make me wonder:
What the fuck?
Why the fuck?
Who the fuck?
When the fuck?
The internet is full of WTFisms.
So I thought I’d compile a few for your random friday viewing. (most of these come from here.)
A fully cooked whole chicken in a can? Really?
What’s up with that?
It’s just weird.
Imagine they did that with other foods. A whole cow in a can or a whole pig in a can?
If you ask me that’s a whole cukoo in a can.
How your basic nudist manages to stay dry in winter. Freakazoids.

Cowboy boot rollerskates!
These aren’t so much WTF as IWT (I Want Those) and HFA (How Fucking Awesome).

A pill pillow. If those are uppers then that pillow’s not getting anyone to sleep. And if they’re downers then good night, sleep tight, see you next year.
The next two fall under the sub category ‘WTF Pets’ in my WTF Folder:
Think i’ll take my skinny bright pink goat for a walk on a lead down by the railway tracks. WTF?

I think i’ll take my fat red goldfish for a walk in this crazy bra-top-bikini thingy. WTF?

Hey, I wonder where all the freaks and lunatics lived before there was the internet?

5 responses to “WTF Friday”

  1. I got a folder like that too …
    This blog is in there :p
    LOL … you’ve become my first stop daily …
    helps my brain climb out it’s box
    have a groovy weekend 😉

  2. thanks abraxas, million miles is honoured to be termed as WTF – huge compliment!
    fuck yeah, it’s friday whooo hoooo. enjoy the weekend. Think i’ll take my pink goat for a walk.

  3. Hey Wannabe, haven’t seen you round in ages. hi.

    food in a can, there’s such a fine line for when it’s cool and when it’s weird, don’t you think?

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