So what do you think of when you think of The Soccer World Cup?
Ummm Soccer.
No, what else?
Bafana Bafana?
No, something else.
High prices?
No another thing.
Those SA flag side mirrors and cool arm sock things that you love?
No man, not those (although you’re right, I do love them), something else.
Okay I give up, you’re starting to irritate me now. What?
The Vuvuzela!
Oh yes, that.
A pair of clever clogs have come up with a very cool idea. They got to worrying about all those post world cup Vuvuzela’s lying around gathering dust, and wondering what could become of them, other than land fill.
So they started this website, called Wozela.
Make a difference, not just a noise.

So i’m a little late on the uptake, because the competition is already finished, but there were some gem entries i wanted to show you. (I’ve since learned that if you still have an idea you want to submit, they’re still accepting ideas, because there are plans afoot to extend the project.)

They challenged people to come up with bright ideas of what we could do with all our left over vuvu’s. And people sent in dozens, hundreds and millions of cute ideas. Here are a few:

The Mel Gibson Shutter Upper Zela

The Hooter-Zela

The Doggie Diner-Zela

The Fire Extinguishela

Ah look at that. someone’s put a lot of thought into that. I’d like to get me one of those Zela-Armour thingys. Stylish.

The perfect kitchen aid thingy stuff type invention.

The Menorha-Zela, the perfect gift for the Jew who has everything.

Yeah, let’s leave it at that shall we.

A handy jewelry holder.

The Vuvu-Fence-Zela. You know what they say, good fences make good neighbours.
And Vuvuzela fences make loud neighbours.

This is one of my favourite suggestions. It’s a cricket wicket!
The Vuvu-Tinkle Protector. No more spray on the toilet seats. Or out the window! WTF?

Candlesticks. Tame, but usefull.

Or fun adults who wish they were still children. Or high adults.

Cheesy, but good.

This one’s clever, it’s a dustbin. I like that. Very Ikea meets Weylandts, meets diski.

Watering Can.

And the winning entry…. drum roll please…. ladies and gentlemen…. i bring you….


And here’s a finished sample pair.

And their inventor, Megan Bernstein:

The Wozela project will be getting these made by community crafters who will hopefully be able to make a living from the project. Awesome fun times. Love it.
and here’s a last cute one, for the vuvu-road: 

he he he he he.


2 responses to “Wozela”

  1. ive heard of them. they emailed me once because my email is wozela – haha.

    I like the dog collar idea. I might put one on my cat though.

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