Winna, winna!

Okay, so I waited all day yesterday for Price Waterhouse Coopers to arrive with their briefcase and giant calculator to help me decide who should win, but maybe they got held up in the rain.

So all on my own I read through all the entries in line to win this:

and this:

But there were some really nice ones, so I couldn’t decide. So instead, I printed them all out (yes, I know, I’m a giant nerd) and cut each one out, then folded them up and put them all in a hat. Well, it wasn’t really a hat, I’m not much of a hat wearer, it was actually my empty teacup. And then I shook it and shuffled all the papers up, and then I drew out the winner… who is… drum roll please…

Well done Jacci. Please email me your details on ASAP and i’ll get in touch with you to organise delivery of your prize, quick sticks.

And then in second place I drew out ‘Little Miss Medic’, so you win a copy of my first book, A Million Miles from Normal. (Email me on the address above, okay, so we can get you sorted.)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, wish I was a multi-gabillionaire so I could give you each a copy. Hey, I’d even settle for being a multi-thousandaire.

And big thanks to Douwe EgbertsSA for the coffee, i believe it to be going to a very good cause.

Thanks again, and hope you all have a spanky weekend.

2 responses to “Winna, winna!”

  1. Jacci says:

    big fat happy smile on my face today 🙂
    thank you.

  2. I definitely “peed my pants” when reading this. Am so excited….YAY!
    Thank you


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