win win win win win

It’s time for a spring clean up, so enter this competition and clean up.

Look first things first, beatnik bazaar is a designer who makes the most lovely of lovliest things. So check out her website over here. And while you’re there, you can enter her competition.

This is what winner gets:

See, look there, you can win my book, A Million Miles from Normal. As well as cakes, and make-up and dresses and bags and and and and… yeeehaaaa whoop whoop whoop.

And this is what the runner up gets:

Naaaaaice bunch of goodies.
And all you have to do is follow her on twitter, or facebook and comment on her blog post.
Easy Peasy Japaneasy.
Sadly you have to be in Cape Town to enter, just cos the winnings are too massively enormously fabulous to be shipped.
Free stuff rocks! Good luck.
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2 responses to “win win win win win”

  1. ok. so i already got the book (and love it) and make up is not quite my style… i have a sensitive skin you see, I like the bag and cupcakes… in fact – i LOVE cupcakes. BUT… YES. But – he cried, as he flung he weary arms aside……

    i live in Durban and this is a Cape Town joll.


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