Win a Stray

Check out this fab new anthology of all stuffs animal.

It is stuffed like a taxidermied pig with stories, poems, excerpts and more from a bunch of this country’s finest writers, and I’m lucky enough to have a little something-something in there too.


2015-09-15 16.43.47

Geniused up by Sarah Lotz, Helen Moffett and Diane Awerbuck, and published in partnership with Colleen Higgs and Modjaji Books, all proceeds from this incredible book do not pass go, but head directly to Tears Animal Rescue.

Please pick up a copy, it’s a great book for a great cause.

Also, if you take this Stray into your home it won’t shed on your couch, chew your slippers, or wake you up at 4am because it wants to go out. Bonus.


2015-09-15 16.48.11


If you live in South Africa and you want to win a copy, simply comment on this post and name one of the animals hidden in the cat on the magnificent cover (which was designed by that legend, Joey Hifi, and has to be the most gorgeous cover I’ve seen since Rahla Xenopoulos’ new novel, Tribe).

Winner randomly drawn out of a hat, and announced 1 October.

Buy a Donkey/Baie Dankie/Buy this Book.

16 responses to “Win a Stray”

  1. Ivan Scott says:

    Warthog is my favourite on that fabuous cover.

  2. Robyn-Jade Hosking says:

    What a clever and creative cover. I choose the horse!

  3. The leopards of course. Who wouldn’t choose a member of the feline species?:)

  4. L . Muruvan says:


  5. L . Muruvan says:

    Always fascinated by “drawings within drawings”. Such excellent 5alent

  6. Lucinda says:


  7. Kari Cousins says:

    There are rhinosceri with horns intact in there! I choose those.

  8. Robyn Meyer says:


  9. Lyn Wolhuter says:


  10. Mandy Fernandes says:

    Love the owl

  11. Karina says:

    CAT, of course 🙂

  12. Justine says:

    I see swans 🙂

  13. Khalida says:

    I need this book for my dear friend & animal lover Linda

  14. Anica Rademan says:

    The giraffe, because it’s my second favourite animal. My favouritest animal is a cat, but I don’t think that will count. This cover is stunning.

  15. There’s a Giraffe! And a bird! OWL!

  16. Wendy Smyth says:

    Wise old owl my very best

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