where to today?

i feel we’ve just reached that part of the year where things start to ramp up a little bit.

it’s no longer the beginning of the year, and the end of the year is still very far away and quite tiny through the binoculars, so you have to squint to see it. and that’s not good for crow’s feet.

i don’t know about all of you, but for me it’s the time of year when i start to think about a bit of a break, maybe taking a holiday, getting away from it all. preferably a million miles away.

so for the rest of the week we’re going to be exploring some potential holiday destinations.

so, where shall we go today?

to Muff, Ireland.

or to Knob Lick, Missouri?

hey, riddle me this – why is it that in all these kinds of pics there is always some schmuck pointing at the signpost?

like we might not notice the enormous sign with the rude word on it right above his head, or something.

yes fuckface, we see it!

so if muff and knoblick aren’t quite to your liking, here are a few other options:

it’s in Yorkshire, England.


it’s in Tonga.


it’s in kentucky. or above a monkey’s eye, depending on where you are.

and my own rather childish, but personal favourite choice of destination for today:

yes please, let’s go there.

in fact i want to live there, just so people have to write it on my mail.

more crazy places tomorrow, and by the end of the week we will have been around the world twice. at least.

3 responses to “where to today?”

  1. abraxas says:

    You missed my favourite, “Fucking” in Germany 😉

  2. Paige says:

    ah yes, Fucking in Germany, that’s still coming. come wednesday we’ll all be in Fucking, Germany.

  3. Paige says:

    you need Patience. (it’s a small town in Denmark!) wahahahahhaha

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