when good url's go bad.

aparently i have a dirty mind. one that resides in the gutter relatively often.

i could blame the media or satan or kurt darren or something, but i’m willing to own it.

although sometimes i really don’t think it’s entirely my fault.

take a look at these train smashes occuring on the internetweb.

it’s a phenomenon i like to call: “when good url’s go bad”.

i mean, is it just me, or does this look suspiciously like a website for a place called penis land?


– penis land! that’s where i want to go on holiday. somebody point me in the right direction. does it get bigger when it’s excited?

(looking for a pen? then pen island is the url for you.)


– the rapist finder online? really?

(nope doofus, aparently it’s an online therapist finder. duh!)


– which of us at some point in our lives hasn’t felt the desperate urge to molest someone?

(or – got a problem with moles in your garden? visit the mole station nursery.)


– you wear speedo’s, you like to fart. so you wonder if there are others like you around. so you look online at speedo fart.

(or, you’re a strange chap named nigel who likes art and comes up with this clever website.)


– it’s late friday night. you’ve had a long week. you need a ho! preferably a dirty one who will do unspeakable things to/with you. so you visit got a hoe?

(or you want to holiday in Lake Tahoe, so you check out their brochure website at go tahoe dot com.)


whores present… whores present what? loose morals? syphallis? gonnorhea? crabs?

(or Who Represents – the place you go online to find the names of celebrity agents.)


expert sex changes are easy to find online.

(so is experts exchange, a knowledge base for programmers who want to exchange techie advice.)


power genitalia. not much more one can say about that.

(it’s an italian power generator company. although looks like the site’s under construction right now. wonder if they’re busy redesigning their url?)

ok, so i’m willing to admit i have a dirty eye/mind. but don’t tell me you weren’t just a little bit interested in what a speedo fart website might look like?

4 responses to “when good url's go bad.”

  1. its still there 🙂

    went to the Speed of Art website and love that he celebrates the bad naming of his site … v. funny

  2. chryssa, the ‘peed my pants’ box is still there on my monitor, is it not showing up on your computer?

    yeah, old nigel at speedofart, what a legend.

  3. How can you tell if a chap has farted in his speedo? Is it like when a chick farts in her pantyhose her ankles swell? 😉

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