What do you do?

You find a wallet with R10 000 cash in it.

Nobody sees you.

The owner’s contact details are also in the wallet.

What do you do?

9 responses to “What do you do?”

  1. date him… genius nik.

    cosmic, return all of it, or pocket a grand and return 9k? or just pray he doesn’t answer his phone?

  2. as we are inherently all bad bastards, call him tell him you found his wallet, do not mention that the money was in his wallet, he will just be to glad that he would not have to replace drivers license, c cards etc.. you score he scores we all

  3. Yeah I think I’m with Nik on this one too. Anyone who can afford to have R10k cash in their wallet should be worth “testing” out to see if they’re worth it.

    On the other hand, those who can afford to carry R10k cash usually carry it in a gold money-clip. So the R10k in the wallet was probably all he got for selling his old jalopy to the guy at the scrap yard.

    So take a grand for yourself, you know, finder’s fee, give him back his wallet and remaining cash – if he offers you money for returning it, just say, no thanks, I was just doing the honourable thing of returning it to you – stay safe 😉

  4. Who on God’s green earth keeps a R10,000.00 in his wallet. That said I would probably phone the dude, moral code and all that…

  5. I would send a ransom note! demand a 50% reward or the 10k gets it! And by ‘it’ I mean buying Gail a plane ticket to go and visit her beloved SSK for the weekend in Geneva!

  6. @paige i’ll leave voicemail and if he doesn’t return my call within 24 hours (presuming he lost his phone as well as the wallet) well then.. it’s mine…all mine…at least i made an effort right?

  7. take the cash, drop the wallet at the nearest shop to where you found it and get them to phone him.

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