What are you reading?

There used to be this great facebook app, called Visual Bookshelf, where word nerds like me could log what you’re reading and share with your friends etc.
But they recently went belly up and are no longer. Sad face.

So for now I’m logging books here.

Feel free to let us know what you thought if you’ve read it too, or what you’re reading, or recommending.

I just finished this;

It recently won the Sunday Times prize for Fiction, so I was very keen to read it.

It’s quite hectic, about a young guy growing up in a township in Durban. He drops out of school and gets into the insane world of car hijacking.
It reminded me a little of this book which I read last year:

Both coming of age stories, both good reads.

What are you reading?

2 responses to “What are you reading?”

  1. That first book looks so interesting! Quite a modern take on an old age story. I like it. Might have to check it out…

    Currently, I am amidst the classic Ethan Frome. I am reading it partly because it is so highly recommended everywhere and has got some really poignant themes, but also because I am studying it for GCSE this year. Have you read it? x

  2. No haven’t read it. is it good? sounds like quite a read.

    I just started Imran Coovadia’s latest, Hi Low Inbetween.

    SO much to read, so little time.

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