welcome 'gym buddy' PhD. MD. MBE

i just helped my good mate, ‘gym buddy’ join on as a follower over here at the amillionmilesfromnormal website. if i had known that one would need a degree in nuclear physics or a doctorate in applied metaphysics in order to figure out how to join, i wouldn’t have offered to help her. sheesh.

just coming up with the password alone is a challenge. you type one in and then the computer judges it and bombs it. too long, too short, too easy to guess. for fuck’s sake, how are you supposed to remember your own password if you can’t use ‘1234’, ‘password’ or your name and surname?

passwords are really irritating, they’re a bit like the indicators on cars, or plugs. why can’t they all just be standard? i just got a new car and whenever i turn a corner i put on the windscreen wipers. hey car makers, pick a side!

so you end up with twelve variations on your basic password and everytime you log into one of your four hundred different accounts you have to try remember which one you used.

sorry gym buddy, but next time you’re on your own.

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