Weenie weenie winkie

So I was just thinking about penises.

Oh, you mean you weren’t?

Being the curious kind I was wondering about the world’s smallest penis.

I mean there must be some dude out there who has the honour of having the world’s smallest winkie. Surely?

I wonder if there’s some kind of competition? That would be um… interesting.

My friends over at Wikipedia don’t really weigh in on the subject. I mean they have a page on The Penis, of course, but nothing that really discusses teeny tiny weeny sizes. So i guess to them, size doesn’t matter.

Over at askmen.com they say that the world’s smallest recorded penis is 1cm. But they don’t say who it belongs to or where he lives. And they sadly don’t have any pictures. I guess the poor guy wanted to remain anonymous. So as not to be mobbed by hordes of desperate women, begging to shag him, probably. Or not.

On my small penis hunting travels I did however learn this choice little snippet – the non-erect penis usually measures anywhere from 8.5cm to 10.5cm from tip to base. But cold weather or going into cold water, or going into your bosses office, or having your mom walk in on you while you’re having sex, can take off a good two inches. So there you have it, we’re nothing if not educational and scientific here at A Million Miles from Normal.

Every day is a school day, as an old friend of mine used to say.

So from what I can gather, no small penis competitions. There you go marketers, an opportunity just waiting for your brand. I wonder who would sponsor it? A company who makes cocktail sausages maybe, or how about a toothpick company? It could work.

Now, I wonder who they would get to judge it?

For those of you who have a little extra curiosity on board, i did find a video over here, which contains a man with a really really small, tiny, weenie, little peenie, potentially the smallest ever (unjudged to date, of course). But watch at your own peril.

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4 responses to “Weenie weenie winkie”

  1. ow eish pain, why do women always pick on peenie size? if cuts to the core and hurts men every where including in the pleasure zone!
    men are better people, imagine if we ripped your thingy mabob off….bhwaaaaa, eish ma bru she had a kid or two you know what i mean, it echoes echoes

  2. Hey anon, i actually totally thought about that. never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. but decided to post it anyway. I really was curious about it. Was hoping to find a competition or something, but it doesn’t exist. (which is totally a blessing in disguise in retrospect.)

    Look, let’s be honest, we do rip off everyone’s parts. women’s big saggy ones, men’s small ones, men’s big ones. women’s boobs (big and small and fake), moobs (men’s boobs)etc etc, the list goes on. we’re human, we’re fascinating and fascinated, we can’t help it.

    i wondered why the comments section was so sparse this morning, didn’t mean to offend, i love you guys. (really, a lot. big and small. even the slightly bent ones, love those too.)

  3. Knowing a little bit about a man’s psychology, the man who would win the award of having the smallest penis in the world would probably commit suicide the next moment…
    Scientifically speaking, I think that there are some hermaphrodites whose penis is so small that is not even easily visible…

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