In December last year I came across a teddy bear with a vagina over here. At the time I thought it was pretty strange, and not something one would see very often. But it turns out these things are all over the place. Look, now there are whole families of them.

Here’s your classic everyday teddy bear:

Fully equipped with her ‘special place’:

For why? Howcome? What for? And how are you going to explain this to your four year old?

And what is this one? Is it a bull?

Yeah, I think it’s a bull. Or do they call the girl version of a bull a cow?

Cos this is definitely the girl version.

I hate to be a stickler, or a mother grundy or anything, but they’re not particularly anatomically correct, are they?

I mean if you’re reading this and you just happen to be a scientist, or a vet or David Attenborough or something and you know better, please feel free to speak up, but i really don’t think that the bull’s vagina looks anything like the human vagina.

I did Google the words: ‘Bull’s vagina’ and I was going to post the images that came up as proof of how incorrect these bull makers are. But when my eyes stopped bleeding I decided some things were best left unseen, and pictures of a bull’s vagina are some of those things. You owe me one.

He he he, dinosaur vagina. Bet all the cavemen out there, surfing on their stone computers are freaking out right now. Saying oi, what the fuck! Dinosaur vaginas don’t look anything like that!

Shame this poor teddy bear is covering his eyes:

All this stuffed toy porn is too much for him!

Happy Friday.

11 responses to “Vagin-a-nimals”

  1. CharM says:

    They use them in child abuse cases in therapy to help the kids…

  2. wozzel says:

    Happy Friday the 13th to ya!

    I just dont get it. Why? WHY? In a case like this, I would rather be given a porcelain dolphin riding the crest of a porcelain wave as a gift 😀

  3. Paige says:

    Aha CharM… now that makes sense. I never thought of that.

    Wozz, you make me laugh. Happy trideskawhatever. xxxxxxxxx

  4. If a bull has a vagina…….
    Isn’t it a cow?

  5. Paige says:

    i thought i said that in the piece. you are right i think andrew, a bull with a vagina is indeed a cow.

  6. liquid pixel says:

    Errr…no, no & no again! In all sincerity, I can’t imagine that these would do anything but totally freak any child out! They use anatomically correct HUMAN dolls in therapy with kids – and believe me, for the unsuspecting trainee therapist who just happens to be sitting, doing her play therapy thang, when those are whipped out without warning a spot of counselling for the counsellor may be indicated…

  7. Kaloo says:

    Correction, and correction again.

    As Liquid Pixel rightly points out, they use anatomically correct HUMAN dolls in therapy with kids.
    The variety we see presented here are also used in therapy.
    But not for kids.
    This variety is used for adult therapy in Australia.
    Strues bob!

  8. Paige says:

    adult therapy. in australia. really?

    verrrry verrrry interrressting.

    hmmm. as my good friend wallace used to say: every day is a school day.

    Kaloo, i almost asked what kind of therapy, but then i realised i was too scared to ask. i’m not sure if i want to know.


  9. Kaloo says:

    Be afraid… be very afraid.

    Ok so I do a lot of online research as part of my job, and I stumbled across this fact sometime during said research.

    The fact is that they use mainly anatomically correct sheep for adult therapy in Australia.
    I cannot answer your question as to why.
    The Teddy-Bears, Bulls and Dinosaurs are used in very rare and extreme cases.
    Mostly its just sheep.

    Baaaaa!! 😉

  10. Paige says:

    Baaaaa bwahahahahahhaaha!
    love it Kaloo.
    also just love saying the word Kaloo.

  11. liquid pixel says:

    Funny 🙂

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