Up your bum.

Just because the ordinary run of the mill, up your arse, brand of g-string isn’t quite strange and uncomfortable enough, the powers that be in the universe have invented a new kind of g-string.

Check it:

That leopard print one is on sale on ebay, over here. Ebay! Gosh, I really, seriously hope it’s not a second hand one.

Don’t think i could cope with the thought of a second hand g-string being put on auction.

This contraption/g-string is reinforced with wire, and that’s how it stays up.

Doesn’t sound like the comfiest thing to ever hit the runway.

Here’s another one in black:

and here’s another one in Candy:

You go Candy, rock that g-string. Just maybe don’t jump, or play volleyball in it. Just a suggestion. Use it, don’t use it.

(Thanks for the inspriation Di.)

6 responses to “Up your bum.”

  1. I hate to share this knowledge (and the fact that I have it in the first place) but those are not new. Don’t any of you remember that guy who used to walk from Sea Point to Clifton (and then parade up and down all 4 beaches at Clifton) in a similar outfit?

    Come on – he was so out there, floppy straw hat, wire reinforced g-string (just like these) and nipple rings… the only extra thing he put on for the walk back to Sea Point was leather Jesus sandals (maybe you’d call them gladiators now and he’d be the height of fashion!) and a kikoi over his shoulder…

  2. sirius? but i remember he wore a chammy g-string, not a wire enforced one!

    urggghhh doesn’t pay to think about it too much, now my eyes are bleeding.

  3. I think he alternated the chamois version with the clip on one… Lets face it – we didn’t look too hard for fear of above eyeball bleed syndrome… ha!

  4. That’s underwear??? Looks like a cross between a torture device and a panty-pad where the manufacturer ran out of glue…

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