unacceptable behaviour – men in speedos

ok, ok i know we’ve been here before.

we’ve done men in g-strings here.

and we’ve talked about the speedo here and here

but no unacceptable series is complete without the whole ‘men in speedos’ debate.

ok so ladies and gents, help me out here

speedos are out, right?

unless you look like this:

then they are in. oh so very in.

7 responses to “unacceptable behaviour – men in speedos”

  1. Dem…That ain’t pretty – ‘cept for the last one. He’s VERY pretty. I worked at the cafe on Clifton 4th for one summer back in the day & I swear there were some days I would cheerfully have put my eyes out. There was one old geezer who was the colour of an old walnut (and just as wrinkled) who wore a g-string Speedo. Can you top THAT??

  2. hey i remember that old geezer. he was a clifton freaky deaky local. wonder if he’s still there. he was ten parts crazy.

  3. yeah men’s swimwear, you’re probably right. i do like a bit of a people watch. i suppose i’m a bit of a hypocrite here i guess. trust me, nobody wants to see me in a bikini or a one piece.

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