unacceptable behaviour – men in g-strings

SORRY TO SHOUT AT YOU: but apparently this post needs a warning. so here goes: please read on carefully, particularly if you are:

A) an unsuspecting lesbian sitting at wembley square, opening this page on your laptop in front of others
B) eating breakfast while you read it
C) squeamish
D) all of the above.

i’m not quite sure what to say about the above. i’m a little speechless.

why would you do that, guy? is the first thought that comes to mind. closely followed by WTF, dude?

i mean it’s not like he’s trying to avoid an embarrassing pantyline, he’s wearing tracksuit pants for christsake!! yes, i used two exclamation marks, that’s how strongly i felt about that last sentence.

wait let’s break this down, how do we feel about men in g-strings, folks?

i sort of think i’m mostly against it, but not entirely against it, there might be a couple of exceptions:

like i think it’s unacceptable for straight guys who are truckers or professional sportsmen, or my boyfriend, but potentially okay for the occasional gay guys with rocking bods, right?

or alright for skinny guys, but just not ok if you’re heavier set or fucken hairy?


i’m not sure. will have to wait to hear what you all think before i form a final set opinion.

i recently saw these advertised on regretsy:

talk about a banana hammock!

yeah, no, i’ve made my decision. gay, straight, fat, thin, hairy, japanese, polish, dockworker, martian from outer space – it’s pretty unasseptible.
ha ha un-ass-eptible!

14 responses to “unacceptable behaviour – men in g-strings”

  1. wozzel says:

    ok, i was eating brekkie when reading this.

    i wish i had not been. i think i just up chucked. in my mouth.

  2. dregga12 says:

    Now look at some amazing shots

    Mens swimwear

  3. Paige says:

    wozzel, haven’t you been reading this blog long enough to know you should wait till after brekkie? sorry dude, didn’t mean to make you upchuck a little in your mouth!


  4. jdean7ster says:

    Oh dear, I’m afraid I’ll have to gouge my other eye out now. I have seen male models in g-strings that look bad. Men + g-strings = mind bending terror.

  5. Okay my wife was sitting in Gardens Virgin Active when she opened this…needless to say it resulted in the snappiest closing of a webpage ever.

    Aside from that…ew! Double ew. No, make that gazillion trillion ew ew ew infinity!

    Ew Paige! You need to post a warning to unsuspecting lesbians at the top of the post.

  6. Paige says:

    there you go ange, i added a warning just for you. (and for you too wozzie) better?

  7. Nik_TheGreek says:

    it’s still so early in the morning (here). I can’t deal with that…
    I know you put a warning, but still… I couldn’t help it

  8. Paige says:

    ok, so i now know nobody enjoys having a man in a g-string with their morning cornflakes. point taken.

    i’m sorry!

    i did warn you it was unacceptable though.

  9. Bubby says:

    I thought I had issues before reading this, now I feel allot more normal. Great blog thanks.


  10. chryssa says:

    this is just not good. the swimsuits are even worse, dreggal2. not good, not good at all. my eyes are bleeding, bleeding i tell you!

  11. Paige says:

    thanks bubby. and thanks for the link. good stuff over there. (a boyfriend and a wife? brave chap.)

  12. wozzel says:

    LOL! much better 🙂

  13. Waahaahaa…thanks Paige. Love the warning 🙂

  14. okay time out! if that guy with the banana hammock would have done some manscaping, that would have been a little hot! just saying, just a little not a lot hot.

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