unacceptable behaviour – guys with comb overs

can we just talk about guys with comb overs for a second, please?

the latest guy i’m chatting to online has one. (don’t worry, that’s not him above.)

i just don’t think i can go through with it. even for the sake of journalistic integrity. even for the sake of a good blog post. even for the sake of your entertainment. i just don’t think i can date a guy with a comb over.

i have similar, although slightly less violent feelings about guy’s with ponytails. i’m never really sure why they have them. all the guys i know with ponytails never wear their hair loose anyway, always up in that ponytail.

what’s the point of a boy having long hair if it’s always tied up?
hair pulled back in a ponytail equals short hair anyway doesn’t it?

but back to the ponytail’s balder more unacceptable step-brother, the comb over.

why chaps? who do we think we are fooling here? baldness (which can be very sexy in itself) has come. there must be a more handsome and graceful way of dealing with it than this:

can we take some kind of poll here please:

the comb over – clearly unacceptable, right?

but guys with ponytails; are we for or against it?

how un-ass-eptable is it?

i’m probably going to upset some people over this, but i’m go out on a limb here and say i’m against it. although if i had to choose between a ponytail or a comb over, mr ponytail would win hands down every time.


6 responses to “unacceptable behaviour – guys with comb overs”

  1. Yeah Ponytail guy would win. I think Donald Trump made guys think the comb over was fashionable. Uhhh sorry – you’re fired Comb Over!

  2. The comb over is completely unacceptable – if you’re losing it then shave it / wear it short (what’s left) and just embrace it. It really looks absolutely fine. and PLEASE wear sunscreen on your head to avoid liver spots etc. that’s just gross….

    Can’t bear pony tails either but have to say they are the lesser evil…

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