unacceptable behaviour – fake tan

is there a doctor in the house?

if there is, perhaps you could tell me if one of the side effects of getting a fake tan is blindness?

It must be. that’s the only way how these people look makes any sense.

The fact that they look at themselves in the mirror (which given the nature of their clearly incredibly vain personalities, they must do on multiple occasions throughout the day) and don’t see that they look like complete wankheads is beyond me.

check out some of these tossers, they come from an incredibly funny website, called pale is the new tan, it’s awesome.

now i’m actually all for the fake tan done in moderation. i’m quite pale myself and i tend to burn to a lobster crisp at even the memory of sunshine, but come on people. there’s acceptable tanning and there’s uasseptable tanning. we might be saving ourselves from skin cancer, but we’re not saving ourselves from embarrassment.

so i vote that over-tanning goes right up there in un-ass-eptable behaviour along with men in g-strings, socks with slops and the scrunchie. what do you think?

it’s just creepy.

sometimes when i see people like this on the telly in american idol or something like that, i think that maybe it’s the lights that make them look this odd colour, you know how your white bra goes florescent when you stand under a black light. but i’m starting to think that they are actually that odd orange colour for reals, no matter what the light.

ha ha the extreme farmer’s fake tan.

here we have the double unnaceptable – bad fake tan + bad fake boobs. really, does anybody find that attractive, oh no wait, bet these guys do:

guido one and guido two. naaaaaice, the over-tanned blue steel. do they even see themselves when they look in the mirror?

girls, girls, girls, really?

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5 responses to “unacceptable behaviour – fake tan”

  1. nope, maybe I’m old fashioned but a pale-skinned woman is a turn-on for me – those jaundiced people look revolting …

    … and fake boobs … I don’t care, I’m a leg man and anyway, more than a mouthful’s a waste … 🙂

  2. I just can NOT understand for the life of me why these idiots think they look good and attractive????, the whole World is laughing at these douchebags and silly girls.

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