Tree mail

Here are two letters from Sunday’s column which was all about having a ‘wasted’ youth.

Unfortunately neither are from raging, disappointed Christians, sorry. But both are cute and made me smile, so I hope they’ll have the same effect on you.

On email:
Rotflmbao!! Classic! Just read yo column and you are spot on about everything- almost like you had hidden cameras documenting my life! Playing pool, abstaining from Stroh Rum and the ability to roll a joint in 4 seconds flat! Back then you could get hammered till 4am and be in a lecture by 8am but these days if I drink till midnight I cant get up before midday! One thing I always catch myself smiling about is those old obscure songs that i can recognise and sing along to are the best reminder of how much older I am now since those days. Keep us smiling Paige.

Sorry dude, I would have credited you, but your mail came through unsigned.

and there’s this one, which was a comment that appeared here on the blog. Oh Sylvie, you’re too classic.

sylvie said…
ja like duh. butter knife and a doc marten 🙂 i find the screw driver/hammer combo tends to break the glass and then you have to sift wine through a double bull cotton t-shirt) still open wine like that
LOVE IT! xxx

Such an old soak. Brilliant.

Hands up if you’ve ever opened a bottle of wine with a butter knife and a doc marten! *waves proudly*

Or do you have any other bottle opening secrets from your ‘wasted’ youth that you can share? I’d love to hear them. Or any other memories/skills from your wasted youth?

Let us know in comments section below. Any stand-out answers will win a copy of my book mailed to their post box.

A lovely Tuesday to you all. Hey, at least Monday is behind us.

3 responses to “Tree mail”

  1. LadyRaven says:

    Lighting cigarettes/joints on stoves, toasters and kettle element.

    Going to clubs early when it was free to get in and the bouncers were still in a friendly mood, getting the stamp and going somewhere where the booze was cheaper till later.

  2. Paige says:

    Ah lighting smokes on the toaster. When I was a smoker in my wasted youth there was a burnt out section inside my toaster where we always lit our cigarettes. Ha what a cool memory.

  3. sylvie says:

    oh darling you ARE funny! just saw this now! xoxox

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