Totally random

I just discovered awesomeness.

And it’s mostly due to my very wonderful, clever, funny, fabulous friend who writes this phenomenally funny blog, Goatville. I learnt about this awesome thing I’m about to rave about in this post on her blog.

I’m a huge fan of Wikipedia. Straight after Uncle Google, Mr and Mrs Wikipedia are my go-to guys. Whether I’m wanting to learn about butt plugs or miniature Shetland ponies, Wikipedia is the place to go. Mr and Mrs Wikipedia, if ever there’s anything I can do for you, please just call me. (No need for me to give them my number, you see they know it already, because they know everything.)

But did you know, and this is the new thing that I learnt. Did you know that wikipedia has a ‘Random Button’? That’s right. A ‘Random Button’. How fricken’ awesome is that?

I had no idea! Where the hell have I been hiding?

How did Wikipedia know that I like random stuff? And smutty stuff? And weird stuff. And random, weird, smutty stuff. They are genius mind readers, I tell you, genius!

So I decided to take the ‘random button’ for a spin, to see some randomness.

First ‘Random Button’ click got me here, where i learnt about Echinopsis lageniformis:

‘It’s a fast-growing columnar cactus from the high deserts of Bolivia.’

See, interesting, informative, pretty, and if you ask me only vaguely phallic. (Well, I’m sorry, but it is.)

Then I clicked the ‘Random Button’ again and got this page:

It’s on something called Diphallia.

And I kid you not here. This is true, sirius, legit.

Diphallia is a medical condition when a boy is born with two penises! Really, it happens. Okay, granted, not very often. Only a hundred cases have ever been reported since 1609. But still. How mad is that? And how random?

According to Wiks, sometimes they lie side by side and sometimes one on top of the other. And depending on the situation the owner can usually wee out of both of them, and again depending on the situation they can have sex with both too. Okay I’m going to stop talking about it now, cos it’s a little lot creepy. But my point is this:

That’s how clever (and random) Wikipedia is. They totally get me. Even when they’re just being random.

You should take the ‘Random Button’ for a spin, I highly recommend it.

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13 responses to “Totally random”

  1. I’m watching Prince Valiant when in fact I should be eyeball deep in reports which are due in 8 hours.
    I fear mi’Lady that it is those damned bodices which doth perturb me so.
    Please would you be so kind as to do a piece on bodices,as only you can.

    Yours in humbliness.

  2. SHAM! that’s incredible! was that your random click? Kalooo, look you’re freed, i mean fareed. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

    Kaloo, once i’ve finished laughing at what sham found i’ll start thinking about bodices. ๐Ÿ™‚

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