Time Flies

Hi friends. So my art director Karin and I have been beavering away for the last little bit working on the new Allan Gray TV ad.

While I never really talk about advertising here, I thought I’d make an exception just this once and since we’re all BFF’s I thought I’d share a link to the commercial so you can get an exclusive sneak preview of it before it launches on Saturday during the rugby.

Hope you enjoy.

Just click here and you’ll be directed right to it.

3 responses to “Time Flies”

  1. goosebumps, so lovely! many many thumbs up

  2. Bridget says:

    Its just gorgeous! Where can I download it? doesn’t seem to be on youtube?

  3. paige says:

    thanks you guys.

    @Bridget we don’t have the rights for the music to play it on you tube. it’s a bob dylan song, so there are lots of rights issues.

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