This is me asking for help again.

So we made it to finalist stage in The Price Check Charity Blogathon. Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop and yahoo.

Thanks so much for listening to me nag and for voting for me.

Now the big slog really starts. We’ve got 48 hours from NOW to log as many votes as we possibly can. The person with the most votes on Friday morning wins R20k for their charity.

As you probably know, my charity is The Bookery. They build libraries in desperately needy schools.

so please please please please please click here to get to The Price Check Facebook page, then you have to ‘like’ their page, and then ‘like’ me (Paige Nick) in order to vote for me.

and if you could get your friends and family and cousins and ex boyfriends and partners and bosses to vote for me too, that would be great. thank you.

And yes, I am begging.

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5 responses to “This is me asking for help again.”

  1. Eeeep! my bad, thanks for the heads up anonymous, i forgot to add in the link! duh. I’ve ammended in the post above. thanks so much for your ‘likes’.

    he he he, it’s a funny thing to do, run around begging people to ‘like’ me.

  2. Hi Ninnles, you’re not in SA, right? People outside of SA seem to have a problem accessing that link. i have mailed the competition people and they will hopefully look at that today. i’ll mail you as soon as they have it fixed. thanks for your support. xxxx

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