there's good news and there's bad news.

dear lovely, clever, smart, vaguely smutty readers,

there’s good news and there’s bad news.

the good news is that it’s holiday time.

the bad news is that i need a bit of a break, so things are going to slow right down here at a million miles from normal. i will still be posting, but not as regularly as usual. i promise to go back to my regular daily postings in early january and be back in full swing by the 11th Jan.

i vow to spend my entire holiday unearthing all manner of stories that will astound you. and going on dates with the kinds of freaks, lunatics and gimps that will shock and horrify you well into the new year. you have my word.

thanks for your support so far everyone. virtual blow jobs for all the boys (even the ugly ones) and free virtual manolo blahniks for all the girls (even the ugly ones).

merry xmas, happy chanukah, good whatever else it is you celebrate, and happy new year.

please promise to come back safely and visit again in the new year. i would be completely lost without you.

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3 responses to “there's good news and there's bad news.”

  1. Have a fab-u-lous holiday! Look forward to more wierd and wonderfuls from your blog in the new year:-)

    p.s. books for raiser are officially on their way up to the children, will post in the new year with photos etc. Thank you again for all your help, we made 100 books!

  2. thanks i’m so not a blogger. and so proud that we made the 100 book mark. well done you. can’t wait to see pics and stuff. thanks so much for doing it! have a good one. x see you back here in new year.

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