There are fans, and then there's Frans

So one of the letters I got regarding Sunday’s column, was this one, from a very serious man named Frans Quinton Marx:

lady i really dont like the way you put all man under one umbrella i mean like not every mans world revolves around sex make sure about your facts

So i responded:

Hey Frans, sorry if i offended you. My column really is a tongue in cheek take on the differences between men and women, so i do really generalise quite a bit. glad to hear you’re not like that, though.
thanks for reading my column and taking the time to comment.
And he responded thusly:

no problem anyway have a lovely day but i think you can try looking into more uplifting matters to write about like the christian religion now that would be great.

Oh goodness me Frans. I think we are two very different people, living in two very different worlds. I wonder if I should tell him I’m Jewish, or if that would just make his head explode?

5 responses to “There are fans, and then there's Frans”

  1. hahahaha,
    you would think he would pick up that maybe he is not your audience? It’s like a straight telling me there is too much gay stuff on my blog…I mean, yeah, sorry, but its queer.

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