the worst idea ever

About a week ago my next door neighbour bought a vuvuzela. (Along with the rest of the nation.)

And when he was busy blowing that thing tunelessly at 4am the other morning I thought oh my G-d, the vuvuzela, that is the worst idea ever.

Now please, don’t think me unpatriotic. But really, as a musical, lyrical nation is that seriously the best we could do?

what about this thing? (Does it have a name?) Wouldn’t that have been better?

it’s pocket-sized, handmade from natural locally sourced, mostly biodegradable materials and it’s representative of our culture.

or if we were really in it for some Jap-crap plastic, what about this thing:

at least it’s musical.

or calabashes, and drums:

what about them? they’re african aren’t they? And pretty.

And surely (i actually typed surly at first by mistake… freudian slip perhaps) a better option than the deafening skwawk of the vuvu.

even these would be better:

But no. We’re stuck with the fucking spit flying, ear blasting Vuvuzela.
Which in my opinion, together with these:

have to be the worst ideas ever.

15 responses to “the worst idea ever”

  1. You’re gonna hate me, but where I live in the middle of nowhere, you hear…diddly squat. If I want noise, passion & excitement I just turn up the volume on the old big screen mama of a TV I have taking up half a freaking wall in the bedroom.

  2. liquid pixel, i am jealous. i live quite close to city centre and it’s PaaaaaarP City.

    Jules, did you watch the super 14 rugby final on tv? I did and was deafened by the vuvu’s. the players were saying they could hardly hear the ref’s whistle.

    Wozzie, I feel your pain.

  3. Oh, and by the way, WTF (seriously!!!) is with the guy doing squats on the Pilates ball thingey??

  4. liquid pix, i’ve been waiting patiently all day for someone to comment on that! what the fuck is up with that, right?

  5. Erm KY is useful stuff hey .. ?

    That IS ky?

    I love those other musical devices, great ideas! my mate has one of them unnamed plonkers, i love sitting and making a tuneless tune ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. bwahahahahahahahaa KY that’s really funny abraxas.

    ever had anything waxed abraxas? c’mon you can tell us. we’re all friends here.

  7. Lol Abraxas! I’m quite fascinated as to how you go about applying your KY!! With a wooden sucker stick, I presume? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. @cheryl – that vuvuzero t-shirt is classic! i love it. eish, i know blood is supposed to be thicker than water, but if one of my siblings had a vuvu… i’m not so sure…

    @liquid pix and abraxas…i repeat – bwahahahahha. hmmm now i’m going to have to go and research KY Jelly. Now look what you’ve gone and done!

  9. oh yeah melany, i would have loved that. somehow drums manage to be powerful, but not overbearing, which is the prob i have with the vuvu, other than certain deafness, it’s just so overbearing.

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