The Uruguayan Supporter

Did anyone else out there in TV land watching the Uruguay – Germany game on saturday see this Uruguayian supporter?

They cut away to him some time during the middle of the second half.

Thanks to PVR I managed to freeze the frame and snap a couple of pics with my cell phone.

You gotta love technology.

Anyway I was wondering about that hand print.

Is it a suggestion or an instruction?

An invitation for a big fat open-handed smack across the face?

How many people do you think took him up on it in the bar after the game?
And I wonder if he has the same painting on his ass? One hand on each cheek.
They played well though, although there was a teensy tiny leetle bit of irony in the ball hitting the cross-bar in that final penalty. I’m just sayin’.
Karma – it really does know when to give a good slap in the face.

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