the twitterati.

i’m not shy to admit it. i’m a laggard. my non-laggard friend, (there’s an official term but i can’t remember it, that’s what happens when you’re a laggard) is very clued and she tried to get me onto this bandwagon an embarrassingly long time ago. but i’m really only figuring it out properly now.

anyway so i follow john cleese, stephen fry and eddie izzard, all of whom i love massively and without condition. at first i was sceptical about whether it was really them. but now i’m pretty sure it is actually them in the flesh, bashing their deepest and not so deepest thoughts out for everyone to see.

and all three seem to twitter quite a lot. constantly in fact. eddie izzard even twitters while he’s running, stephen fry twitters just about every 30 minutes and john cleese brings up the rear. only my good friend khaya twitters more. (between all his facebook status updates and twitter feeds i often wonder when he finds time to pee.)

so my point is this, i always thought these guys were really fabulous and famous with exceedingly glamorous lives, but now i’m not so sure. they spend an awful lot of time twittering. if i were a famous rich guy with a great sense of humour, i think i’d spend more time snorting cocaine off strippers tits than twittering. don’t you think?

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