the speedo rears it's… erm… head again.

a couple of weeks ago i posted a piece about speedo’s and the fact that they make a guy’s junk look smaller. it’s here should you have missed it –

i’ve since downloaded a programme which shows me how people come by my blog. like if you linked to it from facebook or twitter, or a dirty porn site or wherever. now don’t panic if you’ve just come straight from or, i can only see where you’ve come from, i can’t see who you are.

back to my point. so i’ve accidented across the fact that every time someone types a google search for the word ‘speedo’, my blog is recommended. you would be amazed, astounded and astonished at how many people type the word ‘speedo’ into google, particularly between 12pm and 3:25am on a saturday night. literally hundreds of thousands. and they’re looking for some pretty lewd stuff.

but there are also the more legitimate questions that people have regarding the speedo. such as this one: “how to wear your dick in speedos”. yup, haven’t we all asked that question at one point or another?

and of course there are are the kind people who take the time out of their busy day to supply some really insightful answers like these:

and these:

and then, because it’s the internet, there’s always one horny perv:

and one very funny smart arse.

and if you’re not bored of this yet, check out this site i came by. it answers one of the big questions of our time. ie: how to put on a speedo. to be honest, i kind of thought it was pretty straight forward, but i suppose one shouldn’t assume that everybody doesn’t get dropped on the head as a baby.

long live the internetweb.

4 responses to “the speedo rears it's… erm… head again.”

  1. Paige – you make me laugh so hard. Everyone in the office is looking at me. How do I explain this one .. )))
    Brings to mind a story an old friend once told us: we were at a dam for a long weekend, lazy, a little bored and talking absolute crap when we started talking about bathing suite accidents: girls going to the toilet and coming out with their mal-aligned costume wedged in the middle of their guava or worse – a trail of toilet paper. So our lovely friend, who was always up to pranks – told us he decided to ‘hang a rolly’ one day on Camps Bay beach. He walked down the beach with his dick sticking out – watching everyone to see who would either laugh, scream or tell him. I don’t remember the result – we were all laughing too hard.

  2. ‘hang a rolly’? never heard of that before. what does it mean? that’s fricken hysterical.

    heard another one this weekend ‘cock a deaffie’ still don’t know what it means? anyone?

  3. From what i remember the deal was to hang your dick out in such a manner that you could hang an umbrella off it. My friend had decided this made it look like a genuine mistake and not contrived … God, I can’t help screeching every time I think of this. Only he could do something like that!

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