the sex grunting guy.

to make up for all the competitive style eating i did last night (first night rosh hashana) at ‘the foodie’s house’, i made my way to the gym first thing this morning and did a ‘killer abs’ class with benjamin, the nazi trainer.

this post is actually just for one person, so if you’re not the guy who was on the mat next to me in the class this morning, this isn’t really for you. but feel free to stick around and eavesdrop if you’d like.

dude, why do you have to make loud grunting sex sounds when you exercise?
i know the class is hard, and doing seven hundred thousand bicycle leg kick things in a row hurts like hell, but seriously, it’s embarrassing.
you’re not alone in your bedroom, dude.
there are other people here. like me.

and furthermore, doing inverted crunches is not like having an orgasm, guy! trust me. i’ve done inverted crunches and i’ve had orgasms, and there’s no similarity.
if there is for you, you should see someone about that.

so no more sex grunting sounds when you exercise in public, ok? it’s gross.

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