The road to Melide

The Camino – Day Two

Finished today’s walk. 15km through mud. Am sore and tired, but feel smugly proud, but mostly just sore and tired.

15km may not sound like an awful lot to you, but look at it this way, I’m a slightly overweight writer who spends around 10 hours a day at a computer. You feeling me now?


Sock change at kilometer 7

You can´t see from the picture, but everything from calf down is soaking wet. Look, Iḿ not asking for your pity, but at least be a little bit impressed.

The walk was pretty amazing. It’s been pouring here for days, so I was lucky to have blue skies and chirpy birds the whole way. But the mud… oh the mud. 60% of today’s walk was through rivers of ankle-deep mud, necessitating small route changes to try find land that wasn´t a foot under water, and regular stops to change into dry socks.


Shared my apple with this guy along the way


Laughed my ass off at this sign, which appeared around kilometre 9 in the middle of nowhere.


And spent a fair amount of time marvelling at the scenery, which is spectacular. (note the mud)


While I’m walking alone, I am by no means alone, there are pilgrims scattered everywhere. So i walk a couple of km alone, then come across a small clump of people, or get passed on occassion.

So now I am in Melide for the night,


to nurse my blister (just the one, but it hurts like a mofo) and hunt down something called Pulpo which is the local speciality, octopus of some kind, Iĺl report back.

Tomorrow we walk again.

km – 15

blisters – 1

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