the recovering lazyholic

erin hansen is the recovering lazyholic.

she made this series of photographs to remind us of some of the things we really need to do.

and since it’s the beginning of the year and we all want to start out on a good footing, i’d like to gently prod you in the right direction and politely suggest you go do some of these things right now please.

ha ha.

(*an aside for my sisters {sorry nobody else will get it} i know it’s rude to make inside jokes, but this one is funny, only if you’re on the inside of course. *she should make one for bed time that says: ‘face the wall and go to sleep!’)

she’s kind of bossy, but i like it.

pretty hey? in an ugly kind of way.

yes you over there, with the black rimmed glasses, and you in the back trying not to make eye-contact and hiding behind the person in front of you. yes you. go call your mom. you heard me.

see, informative, educational and beautiful all at the same time.

on her website the recovering lazyholic says she loves: ‘nonsense, orange soda, my burgundy boots, Biggie Smalls and Boo (dachshunds extraordinaire), driving around aimlessly, collecting things I don’t need, movies, caffeine, and last but not least, my friends and family.’

and i love: her photographs and her vibe in general.

2 responses to “the recovering lazyholic”

  1. wozzel says:

    very cool!

    i call my mum at least 3 times a week 🙂

  2. urgh…i was supposed to call dad yesterday, sunday is my day for calling dad…but i don’t wanna, it’s boring, we always talk about the same three things…did i say urgh?

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