The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Paige

Today was a three-shooter day! I think I might be turning into a Camino alcoholic.

Left Amenal this morning for my final trek into Santiago. It came in at around 16.5km, and the last 6 almost killed me. Seriously, around km 11 I started bequeathing my things. (Grant Reingold, you were getting my car.)

They say the Camino is a journey of self discovery, well I discovered that this self is perfectly capable of walking, swearing, and crying at the same time.

Stopped somewhere (really who cares about specifics at this stage) and forced the locals to drink myself pretty/happy with me. Needless to say their rubber arms didnt need much twisting.

My new friends, Carlo, Guido and Shooto
We needed 3 for the road, each. Even though I was the only one hitting the road.

Then onwards in the rain.

Look, I found the actual black sheep. It’s 5km outside Amenal.


The end of the Camino felt a little flat to me (no pun intended). I mean I’m not sure what I was expecting, dancing girls or a banner or something, but then maybe that would be missing the point; that life is about the journey, not the destination. Did I get it? Is that it?

tonight Im staying in Santiago next to the church in a seriously old monastary that has been turned into a hotel. Does that make me a nun for the night? Hope not.

The view from a monk's bedroom window
The view from this monk’s bedroom window




So much has felt unplanned but incredibly meant-to-be on this Camino of mine.

From meeting the Sparks family from Joburg on my first morning here, to stumbling across my hotel completely by accident yesterday after a grueling 7 hour walk, when I could have just as easily carried on walking and missed it. And by some magic unplanned trick of timing, finding myself finishing this pilgrimage on my birthday.

So here’s to the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one.

Buen Camino.




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