The Pages Book Club

Women are amazing. I totally get why men and lesbians dig us so much.

Since the launch of my novel, A Million Miles from Normal, I’ve been lucky enough to get invited to visit a few book clubs around Cape Town, to say hi, chat about the book and have a couple of (hundred) drinks.

So this week i was invited to visit The Pages Book Club, which was held at the uber-super-wonderful Gayle’s house, in Edgemead.

I arrived to find the ladies all dressed up, with the theme – A Million Miles from Normal. And let me tell you, these ladies didn’t have to dress up at all, every single one of them is a million miles from normal in the most fabulous way.

Ladies, let me just say, you outdid yourselves. What a scream. The photos don’t really do them justice. But the lady in the grey jersey had all her clothes on backwards (brilliant), and the gorgeous lady in the stylish Armani suit was even wearing men’s underpants under those pants, talk about commitment to her outfit. And you’ve got to give a shout out to a very agile Michael Jackson, who made a guest appearance in the back over there. And stunning Andrea, with fake piercings, wig and all.

The giant Five Roses teabag was a stroke of sheer genius and so close to my heart, and Pat’s solar system hat was out of this world, and you’ve got to just adore the stylish mismatched ensemble, it was a thing of true beauty. And Gayle, that pink wig and those glasses, what toy boy wouldn’t fall at your feet?

Driving home from their book club I got to thinking about how lucky women are to get to have other women as their friends. (You can stop reading here if you’re expecting orgy’s and nudity, this is a rare, clean post. Sorry mum and other’s, you’ll get your smut back first thing Monday morning, promise.)

I didn’t know these ladies when i first arrived, but after spending just a few hours with them I could tell how much support, love and friendship they give each other. Even if some of them only connect once a month at book club, to drink a bit a lot of wine and chat about what they’re reading and what’s going on in their lives. With real friends, sometimes once a month is enough to keep you going.
Thanks so much for having me Pages Book Club, you chicks seriously rock!
Have a lovely weekend all. I prescribe lots of sex and a handful of carefully selected hallucinogenics.

5 responses to “The Pages Book Club”

  1. wahahahaha bob. Although i would imagine that then her husband would spend the rest of the evening, and the rest of all eternity hitting on you, quite literally.

  2. awww. i want to go to a million miles from normal book club gathering, involving copious ammounts of wine and high schreeched laughing!!


  3. wozzie, you would have loved it. complete jorl. come to cape town. I’m going to another book club on saturday, i’m sure they wouldn’t mind having you as a guest too.

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