The night before Adventure Boot Camp

I must be mad, I must be mad, I must be mad….

Things never seem crazy three weeks or a month before you have to actually do them. That’s when they seem like a good idea. Then the strength of the idea weakens proportionally as you get closer to the day.

A month ago I agreed to do something called Adventure Boot Camp.

My regular trainer of awesomeness, Ian Waddell at Personal Best SA, is away for some of this month, so I was fishing around for something to replace him with.

Adventure Boot Camp seemed like a good idea at the time, Your Honour. Good thing I ate all those Easter eggs, cos after this they totally won’t count anymore.

So tomorrow at 5:30am, (yes, I know, 5:30am! Is it even light yet then? That’s the time I used to get home, not go out) I’m going to haul my fat ass down to the beachfront to give this thing a bash. Who’s with me? It’s going to be awesome.

Shit, who am I kidding?

I’ll report back. If I’m still alive.

Okay, it’s 6:50pm, I’d better get to bed.


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  1. Paige, you are first going to suffer a wee bit, but then love it and then never want to see the inside of a game ever again! Once you get a taste for outdoor exercise you will never be the same again. Enjoy x

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