The great Chinese Bangle debacle of 2012

Must say, got a bit of a bollocking over the last 48 hours. Around 40 emails, dozens of tweets and two phone calls from people around the country, in response to Sunday’s column about the Chinese Bangle. (see post below)

On the upside, always nice to feel heard, on the downside, never nice to be bollocked (even if just gently), at least without first being taken out for dinner and a movie.
The main bone of contention has been the term ‘Chinese Bangle’, folks have been keen to point out that it has other names, of which I was entirely oblivious, among which:
The snake bite

Chinese burns

Indian burns

The donkey bite
Die Donkie byt

Although one letter writer was kind enough to point out:
‘A donkey-bite was a blow to the arm with a cupped hand.’

These cool ones courtesy of Andrea who wrote in after having done this extensive research:
Buffalo skin (India)
Indian Rub (Canada)
Indian rug burn (USA)
Policeman’s glove or Hundred needles (Hungary)
Barbed wire (Netherlands)
Needles (Bulgaria)
Brennessel (stinging nettle) (Austria and the southern parts of Germany)
Thousand needle stings (northern parts of Germany)
Thousand needles (Sweden)
Nettle (Latvia, Poland and Russia)
French Cuff (Denmark)
Kuuma makkara (hot sausage) (Finland)
Manita de puerco (split pigs’ feet) (Mexico)

But this has to be my favourite letter on the subject so far:
Hi Paige. As kids we used to call it a “donkie byt”. I’ve just googled “donkey bite” and found one reference to what you call “chinese bangles” , altough they refer to it being done to the upper leg. Well , not surprisingly, also one reference of a real donkey bite to someones penis ! Turns out your friend was given the more pleasant version. Anyway, loved your column as usual , looking forward to many more. Regards (etc etc)
Thanks guy, food for thought. Except… It does kind of make you wonder what kind of situation in life one might one find oneself naked, being bitten on the penis by a donkey? The mind boggles.

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  1. Oh yeah, I know the Chinese Burns and Indian Burns. 😀
    Congrats again for the permanent – name – in – gold – letters – on – Google achievement.

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