The Gods must be crazy

Okay, the universe is flipping freaky.

My column in today’s Sunday Times Column was all about nominative determinism.

It’s a theory whereby people tend to live up to their names.

Take me for example. My name is Paige Nick, I really had no real choice other than becoming a writer.

I’ll post the column here tomorrow for you to read, in case you haven’t seen it yet.
The timing of it just goes to prove that the universe has an awesome sense of humour. It just so happens that a ton of Athletes have an awful lot of nominative determinism going on. And the more Olympics I’ve watched, the more of it I’ve seen.

Usain Bolt is a great example. He may not have been the sprinting legend he is, had his name been Usain Slowpoke.

And tonight a lady named Deedee Trotter got a Bronze in the 400m. If only she’d been named Deedee Runner, maybe she could have upped that to a Gold.

And the cherry on top, that proves that whoever is up there pressing the remote control absolutely likes to smoke a bit of hash and have a laugh, comes in the form of this:

I’m told by @shawnroos and the rest of the internet that the Bulgarian athlete taking part in the Women’s 400m Hurdles, who tripped on a hurdle and was unable to complete her race, is named… wait for it… drum roll please…(see below)… Vania Stambolova:

You really couldn’t make this shit up.

Final proof. Nominative Determinism is absolutely a thing! Or my name’s not Paige Nick!

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