the geezer and the lesbian

for those of you who have been off smoking tik from a lightbulb on the cape flats for the last couple of months and have therefore missed some posts – i frequent an internetweb dating site.

i’ve had a couple of fun dates and the odd relationship from it (and i mean odd), but mainly it’s filled with freaks and lunatics who are endlessly entertaining and make good blog material.

Just the other day i found this unsolicited message in my inbox:


seriously chaps. not cool! where on my profile did it say: ‘please contact me if you’re a fifty something year-old man with a forty something year-old “very bi” girlfriend?’ i’ll tell you where, nowhere!

hey fifty something year-old guy, i’ve read your profile and you come across as a relatively normal chap. in your fifties, settled, divorced dad who quotes john denver.

if that’s the way you roll, instead of the above maybe you should have said something like:

‘i’m an average guy wanting to meet a ‘very bi’ lady who wants to have sex with me and some other ladies too, who we will pick up randomly off the dating website and try do some crazy skanky things with.’

you go geezer! you go skanky lesbian lady!

2 responses to “the geezer and the lesbian”

  1. Anonymous says:

    don’t be a hater

  2. Paige says:

    yeah, i try anonymous, i try.
    there’s a fine line between being a hater, and just saying how i feel about a situation, and i’m extra careful to try not to judge the people i ‘meet’ or come across on the dating website, i mean who the hell is normal anyway, i know i’m not. but some of them are just a little crazy and need to be written about.

    i bet that geezer is having a rocking time with his lovely lesbian lady, and more power to him, as i said in the post, you go geezer!

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