the dodgy geezer.

is it just me or is this weird…

i got an sms from this bloke, mr big. we’ve been flirting a bit recently, nothing’s actually ever happened between us. we flirt, it’s fun, a bit sexy. i’m not too sure about his vibe or his intentions. i’m open to checking him out, but recognise he’s a bit of a player, so my ‘weary metre’ works overtime with this guy.

anyway. it’s after 10pm on sunday night when the sms arrives.

sms simply says: ‘nite’.

i haven’t heard from him in a week or two, so it was odd and slightly out of nowhere.

five minutes later i get another sms –

says: ‘sorry that was meant for another paige. but nite anyway 2 u 2.’

Dude – exclamation mark, exclamation mark! What the fuck – question mark!

1. and here i thought we had something unique and special going on. thanks mate! that makes me feel great! nothing a girl likes more than being some guys second choice after-thought paige.

2. this dude is flirting with two different paiges at the same time! how many single, elegible, local paiges can there even be out there? like i said, player of note.

3. i hate this 2 u 2 business – really. can’t stand it. i can kind of forgive it on twitter where you only have 140 characters to make a point, but it’s not acceptable in an email or sms, especially if you’re over 30 and managed to matriculate.

3. here’s a picture of him:

like i said, dodgy geezer.

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7 responses to “the dodgy geezer.”

  1. Haha, been there, done that. Chances are pretty good that he wasn’t sexting another Paige. He was probably fishing for some late night fun. Players tend to do that 😛

  2. you think so? seems a weird way of getting a girl in the mood, don’t you think?

    ha ha ‘sexting’ i love it! totally gonna use that if you don’t mind.

  3. oh I’ve done the sms randomly late at night, then gone all “oops, wrong number” how dumb do they think we think we are? Haha. Obvious fishing for some attention. Ps, love the pic. He is gorgeous 🙂

  4. I was the Anonymous poster above btw – wish I could lay claim to “sexting”, but sadly it’s used quite often in media. Also, I have to agree with wozzel regarding the “oops, wrong number” excuse. Often the best way to get the blood (and juices, hurr hurr) flowing is by slightly annoying the other person. Not that I’ve ever done that. Honest.

  5. wahahaha you guys crack me up.

    ange, i just know that you’re not actually telling me that for the last time. there will be other times, and you’ll probably be right.


    i never for a second considered that he had actually pretended he’d sent it to the wrong paige on purpose, you are all a devious lot. smutty and devious, i love it.

    to his credit he’s been quite good natured about this post. good on yer mr big.

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