The Club – by Edyth Bulbring

what an amazingly dark and twisty book. i really enjoyed it.

have any of you read it? what did you think?

it totally wasn’t what i was expecting. i picked it up and didn’t put it down for two days.

i didn’t want to like the main character, who has an incredibly dark side. but she’s so flawed and damaged by what’s happened to her, you just can’t help rooting for her.

it’s all about these hectic rich kids whupping it up at a private school in joburg.

they run this club that rules the school. bribing teachers and controlling the students.

it’s got sex, drugs, plots and schemes, twists and turns and some cricket. really enjoyable, pick it up if you can.

kids are very different these days, back in the day we just smoked a bit of weed on the school field, graunched a little and fumbled around some (above bra) and liked the odd toot, these kids are completely out of control.

who wants this copy next? if you live in cape town and you’d like to read it drop me a message in the comments section below, best comment wins and i’ll mail you the book. you should read it, it’s a riveting, page-turning read.

local really is lekker.

if you would like to find out more about the author, the wonderful edyth bulbring, there’s a really cool interview with her over here, and she has a blog here. you should read her blog. she is funny in a sick and twisted way, and that’s what i dig about her.

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  1. OK, you got me, I just checked out her blog, and I’m hooked. Sign me up for the possibility of winning this giveaway. your sales technique is good…

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