the boyfriend list.

i think i’ve got to get me one of these. i like lists. lists are good. somewhat anal. but good.
my friend ‘flygirl’ made one and it so worked.

a twelve year old somewhere on the internetweb made herself this list:

it’s a clever idea. especially for a twelve year old. not that i’m dissing twelve year olds. they’re good at um… er, ja well anyway it’s a good idea.

i’m wondering what i should put on my list:

– likes me
– doesn’t like capital letters
– good shoes (stolen from twelve year old’s list, but still relevant)
– too tight pants (also stolen from twelve year old’s list, but from the other side so it’s ok!)
– good at getting rid of spiders/bugs/worms/snails
– has a job
– lives far away
– doesn’t wear a speedo*

– nasty/rude
– tells me i’m fat
– lives far away
– has another girlfriend.

hmmm yes. that’s a good list. thanks for the inspiration twelve year old somewhere out there on the internetweb, you can go back to texting now.

* unless he’s got an enormous package, or unless he’s an olympic type swimmer and only wears it when he’s doing thousands of laps in the gym pool. see ‘brave client’ there are some exceptions.

3 responses to “the boyfriend list.”

  1. done and done.
    i’m sure you owe me a lunch or something.
    lol, can we make this one drama free please.
    chat next week.

  2. This kid is inspired! Truly! BIG on lists! Especially of the variety that outlines the criteria for men who will, by function and definition, be spending considerable amounts of time in close proximity to me… it just makes sense: BOys who like CHARMANDER best are not keepers!…neither or boys who even know who the fuck that is!

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