the bookery

and speaking of baking:

i know i usually write about smut and some of the other crazy stuff i come across around and about, but this is something different.

i recently came across The Bookery, a new spot that’s just opened up in roeland street, cape town, where Charley’s Bakery used to be. (see what they did there, from bakery to bookery, clever bunch.)

anyway, here’s the deal:

The Bookery is home of ‘The Equal Education Book Drive’, run by a guy named Richard Conyngham and another guy named Cosmas, and let me tell you something, these guys have got their work cut out for them.

“We want stocked, serviced libraries in every single school in South Africa.”

and they’re not just talking a book here and there. these guys are ambitious. they want every library stocked with a minimum of three awesome books per learner per school. And each of the libraries they set up will be co-ordinated by a trained librarian.

brilliant hey? i think so.

they’re currently working on a school with a thousand learners, which means they need 3000 books. they have just over 2 500 so far, so with your help we could just get there.

according to their website, only 7 percent of all public schools have working school libraries. not cool!

so what does all of this mean to me? and where are all the penises and vagina’s? you might be saying to yourself.

well, what we need you to do, immediately, is to stop surfing porn and bring in as many suitable books (these are for high school or primary school kids remember – so nothing too dodgy okay).

the books are only gathering dust on your bookshelves anyway, right?

For more info visit or if you’ve got suitable books to donate, call 021 461 4189 to make a plan.

okay, when you’ve done that you can carry on surfing smut. i’ll even get you started – here you go, check out this site:

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  1. Gail says:

    brilliant plan! i love the idea

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