the big rules of life.

i’m clear on ‘the five second rule’ and the ‘touch-one-take-one’ rule,

but you know when you start to run out of shampoo and you tell yourself that you must remember to buy shampoo. but then you go to the shops three different times and still forget to buy shampoo?

then you actually do run out of shampoo.

so next time you need to wash your hair you put a little bit of water in the empty shampoo bottle and you swish it around and you use that and it works great.

well, my question is what’s ‘the rule’ here? how many times can you officially put water in the empty shampoo bottle and just swish it around before there is absolutely no residual shampoo left in that bottle, and you’re just washing your hair with water?

i’m thinking about four times but i wonder what the rule is?

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