The Author Shuffle

It’s called The Author Shuffle. Or in this case, The Cape Town Airport Author Shuffle. And I think a lot of us do it. Or is it just me? (That would be embarrassing.)

You go into as many book stores as possible and shuffle your latest book out of the bottom shelf around a corner in the back of the shop, into a prominent position up front. Then hope like hell the store manager or security don’t notice and send the book¬†back into the tundra before you can sell a few.



Classic front of the shop Author Shuffle


Then there’s the less popular, Correctly Shelved Author Shuffle. Where you take your book out of ‘Biography’ (?) and place it into ‘Non-fiction’, where it belongs – or maybe in ‘Comedy’ but only if that section is well-placed in the store, of course.


The less common, Correctly Shelved Author Shuffle

Or is it just me?


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