The abominable sales call

Cell phone rings. I don’t recognise the number. I answer:

ME: Hello, Paige speaking.
STRANGER’S VOICE: Hello, how are you?
ME: I’m not interested.

I want to know who wrote ‘The Sales Call Manual’ that all tele-sales people are working from these days?

Then I want to go to that person’s house and shove my foot up his (or her) ass. Twice.

Why on earth would that opening line soften someone up for a sale? Who says that works? All it does is irritate. If you’re calling me and you don’t know me, you should state your buisness, don’t pretend to be a mate. It’s creepy.

Stop calling me. I do not want to buy your cell phone contract/wheelie bin/medical aid scheme/funeral insurance/stokvel/pyramid scheme/credit card/airtime/insurance package/Herbalife.

If I did, I would track down your number and call you myself. And when you answered, I would say: ‘Hello, how are you?’

2 responses to “The abominable sales call”

  1. Ninnles says:

    I so agree! I took such a call and when I said ‘No thanks I’m not interested’ – the caller responded with ‘Are you sure, it is a really good deal?’ What did he think I’d say ‘Oh well in that case just send me 2!’

  2. Steve Hayes says:

    When I answer the phone and someone says “How are you?”, I usually reply “Who wants to know?”

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