that's what friends are for

we’ve come to the end of a long, hard year and we’re well into silly season, which means it’s party time. it’s also a good time to evaluate your friends.

do they hold your hair back for you while you puke?
are they always willing to be your wing man/wing-girl when you’re trying to pick someone up?
after a big night out, do they make sure you get home safely and without embarrassing yourself?
or do they wait till you pass out from too many jagger-bombs, then take some permanent markers and draw all over you?

sing along with me, altogether now, even you at the back who’s horribly out of tune, c’mon:
‘keep smiling,
keep shining,
knowing i can always count on you.
fer sure.
that’s what friends are for…’

this guy will play along on the guitar:

merry xmas and happy new year, friends.

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