That was then, and this is now

Here’s a crazy blog to start your week off.

I proudly bring you the craziness that is the young me now me blog.

So this is how it works – People send in funny old pictures of themselves from back in the day… so far so ordinary right, but wait, there’s more. Then they also send in pictures that they’ve recreated now, to match their old pictures.

confused yet?

here’s one so you can see how it works:

That’s little Georgie, at 2 – cute! And then there’s little Georgie at 22 – cute, but gay!
Now you get the picture.
here’s another one:

The best ones are the ones where they’ve recreated it precisely. same couch, same clothes, same poses. The more accurate, the funnier, don’t you think?

Aw cute man, little brother and big brother. And now, big brother and bigger brother.
Some of them are so cute. But some tend to get a little creepy, like this one:
What’s with the crazy eyes, older little brother dude?
And is it just me, or does the big brother in this first pic have the most gynormous head ever?
And then in that pic taken now, it’s just proof, that no matter what, no matter how, no matter when, grown men should never wear nothing but dungarees!
and also, are they just small men, or is that the world’s biggest box?

He he he. That one works.
But this one:
Some people just have too much time on their hands and should probably think about getting a girlfriend at some point. How weird is that though, even the matress on that bed is still the same.

Yeah, creepy, creepy, creepy.
This next one is very interesting, and kind of stretches the concept a bit.
This is Frances, when he went travelling:
And this is Francesca a few years later when (s)he went travelling:

Post penis chop op and full sex change. Yeeeehaaaa you go Frances.

Love that one. Two little monkeys sleeping in a bed.

Brilliant. Look at the lengths she’s gone to to match the old picture. Check out the big bird bib.

Hoooo boy, that’s scary man. Might be time to cut those apron strings, mama.
And here’s Tina:
Always the funnest girl at the party!
Brilliant, i love me some Young Me Now Me blog. It’s always funny. Don’t think i’d ever go to the trouble or extremes of recreating one myself, but always fun watching other people make tossers out of themselves.
Happy Monday, people.

5 responses to “That was then, and this is now”

  1. super man is freaky as shit! its even the same chair – can you say “I have never touched a boobie” sis man! 🙂

  2. He probably had it hanging in his closet for such an occasion. Glad you gave it to him Paige!

    I agree, the spaghetti chick rocks, right down to the Big Bird bib.

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