thank heavens for booze.

i’m a big fan of booze. hell, without it most of us would never get laid.

that and i just really like the word booze.

but even more than just straight booze, i’m a big fan of booze with a sense of humour.

which is why i was so happy to stumble across this range of wines at the kwikspar in obz the other day. don’t ask me why i was in obz, i’m not telling.

excuse the crap photography, but i’m a writer and a laggard. not a photographer. if you want pretty pictures go read annie leibovitz’ or ‘james christopher’s’ blog.

the range is called warning wines.

as you can see, instead of a label, each bottle has a different warning stamped across the front of it. like this:

ok wait, this is ridiculous, my shots look like i drank a case before taking them.

i found these better shots on flikr courtesy of someone named blyzz. blyzz, i hope you don’t mind that i nicked a couple of your shots, but i had to, mine look like they were taken underwater by a one eye’d crack whore with no depth perception, after a big weekend.

ok back to the wine.

here’s the back label:

translation of the above please, anyone? i clearly smoked too much dope in the toilets with ‘surfer chick’ during afrikaans in high school and this may as well be in greek.

ha ha ha.

i’ve got one, ‘the consumption of alcohol may cause you to send unacceptable smses at 4am’

‘the consumption of alcohol may cause you to sing karaoke’

how about

‘the consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can dance’

feel free to add your own.

well done warning wines you clever, drunk lot.

4 responses to “thank heavens for booze.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ha ha, the consumption of alcohol may cause you to take blurry photographs. like these.

  2. cosmicgrrl says:

    which vineyard produces this wine? i want to buy it by the caseload

  3. paige says:

    Isn’t it the Afrikaans version of provoking the desire but removing the performance? Just asking.. looks like greek to me too…

  4. Paige says:

    cosmicgrrl, i don’t know! i looked everywhere on the bottle, but they don’t have a name or detail anywhere, i also googled, but no sign.
    i tried calling the kwikspar in obz but their computers are down. 021 448 0409 is their number, the guy said call tomorrow and he’ll be able to access their deets. then you can call the wine makers direct. then invite us all over for a drink please.

    other paige. hi. i think you’re right. i recognise the word ‘die’. x

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