talk about casting a wide net.

k, so it’s a lazy weekend and i find myself trawling around online looking for mr right or mr will-do-for-now, or mr ridiculously stinking rich. hey i’ll even settle for mr freaking handsome or mr enormous penis, at this rate.

but then i come across mr indecisive. check this guy out. everything about this 37 year old’s profile is normal, except this one small thing. this three ton blue elephant trying to hide between the letters on the page.

when it comes to what he’s looking for in a woman, mr indecisive has put down that he’s looking for someone who is between 23 – 49 years old! talk about casting a wide net. now i ask you with tequilla in my eyes, how is this possible?

i don’t need to tell you lot, you can’t even begin to compare a woman in her twenties with one in her thirties and another in her forties. they’re barely even still the same gender.

i don’t think i want to be the girl following up the last date he had, if it was with the 23 year old. there’s no way my thighs can compete. but maybe it wouldn’t be too bad following up the 49 year old, i’m practically a virgin in comparison.

and isn’t there something creepy about a guy who’s keen to date a girl, and then later potentially her mother? yuck, sies man.

i can’t figure out whether this guy is clueless, apathetic, kinky, or just too damn lazy to pick a generation and stick with it. freakshow!

2 responses to “talk about casting a wide net.”

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m curious Paige – have you ever even had a meaningful and uplifting conversation with ANYONE on those internet dating sites (never mind dating one)?
    What I find scary is that I can’t tell whether internet dating sites attract perverts or if the anonymity of the ‘internet’ medium brings out the pervert in every man and woman? If the latter be true then run my little pony, run!

  2. Paige says:

    hi nichole, thanks so much for posting your comment.

    I don’t know about you other girls out there, but I have actually been lucky enough to have had a number of really meaningful relationships with guys I’ve met online over the last couple of years. But unfortunately the perfect date doesn’t really provide very many punch lines. And in this dating process I’ve become quite fascinated with all the psycho’s, crazies and chancers that i keep bumping into.

    also no guy likes to discover that the girl he’s been dating has been dishing the dirt on him on her blog every day, so i’m quite weary of discussing the good ones, until they prove themselves otherwise.

    i think you make a very valid point, the anonymity of the net absolutely attracts a whole whack of perverts and crazies, but it also attracts a lot of normal, great guys who I wouldn’t otherwise ever get to meet, and who my life would have been poorer for not having known them.

    in my experience, you don’t get picked up in a bar for anything more than casual sex, so if you don’t want to meet someone through work, or through friends (most of mine are already married) then the internet is a fun, viable way to meet new people.

    I just think you need a fricken strong bullshit detector, a lot of patience and a very good sense of humour, but then isn’t that exactly what you need when dating in the real world too?

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