Tales from the market

Yesterday’s market was great fun. Except I suddenly realise that I didn’t take a single photograph. Duh, WTF!
We had such a lekker stand.

It was me, and fellow authors Sally Partridge, Sarah Lotz, Hellen Moffet and Lauren Beukes. A veritable feast of local authors. We had everything from erotica to poetry, zombies, young adult fiction, sci-fi and chick lit! Oh also jars full of sweeties that went down like a homesick mole.

Like I said, I don’t have a pic of our stand, but this is kind of what the market looked like.

So we basically spent the day selling and signing books, people watching on a massive scale, and talking masses and masses of shit. Which is always fun.

Highlight of the day had to be two visits to our stand.

The first from Juanne Pierre, who runs the fantastic blog – A Slice of Gay Pie – we’ve always supported each other’s blogs, but we’ve never actually met in person, so he swung by to say hi, introduce himself and pick up a book. I was so chuffed to meet him. What a nice guy (and really hot too! serius!) I’m constantly moved and overwhelmed by the amazing friendships I’ve made online over the last couple of years.

There were a horde of twitter friends there too who I got to meet in the flesh for the the first time, like @RochelleSA and the incredibly fabulous, uber-babe and twitter queen @StyleGuideCT. At some point in the very near future we’re all going to have to walk around with a badge bearing our twitter handle, so we know who we’re facing in real life.

And the second visit highlight came from another online friend who I finally got to meet in the flesh. @Deems, runs this blog – http://deems.wordpress.com/ and we’ve become good friends online and finally got to meet yesterday in real life.

I was also lucky enough to get to meet his daughter, 4 year old Rebecca – how cute is this conversation that ensued on their way home:

‘Demitri: I was with Rebecca and Paige gave her a lolly pop. Afterwards we were driving home and I asked her if she remembered her name?

Rebecca: The lady with the purple top?

…Demitri: Yes

Rebecca: Uhm, Aunty Paper’

So cute man!

Anyway it was a fab day, thanks for swinging by and saying hi (The Biedermans, The Gotz’, Jamie B Hannah, @guywithcamera and candice, @lucagallarelli and @cjstweets, @akcoulson, chryssa and Jop-sker, also porky heffer, Janice and Ruby and @Smz1 and @jennyehlers and @karinbmac, and a dozen and a half other people – it was really nice to see you all. Okay okay i know the name-dropping is getting boring, i’ll stop that now.

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  1. It was super awesome getting to meet you in person too Paige. We’ve shared so much for so long online so far. Glad you got a good laugh from Rebecca’s comments (your mom enjoyed it too it seems). I learnt a bit of trivia yesterday – now I know where Rachel got her name from in A Million Miles From Normal. Also looking forward to the next book launch 🙂

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